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Project Lead

Cement Project Lead to Stockholm

Cemvision AB
June 10, 2024
 min read
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Do you want to be involved in influencing the environment and shaping the future of the cement industry? In the role as a Cement Project Lead with us at Cemvision, you get to work with dedicated employees and world-leading researchers in the industry. Do you want to be part of this growth journey in a company that makes a difference? Then you might be the one we're looking for!

What we offer
If you are passionate about contributing to making a significant positive impact on the environment, we offer a unique opportunity to disrupt and help shape the future of the cement industry. You will be part of a dynamic and collaborative team of experts that is dedicated to, together as a team, creating a sustainable future for generations to come. We also offer an exciting work environment where innovative ideas and sustainability are at the core of what we do, and where your contributions will be a key component in our success.

We are proud to be backed by Breakthrough Energy Fellows (founded by Bill Gates in 2015), Norrsken Foundation, EQT Foundation, Polar Structure, BackingMinds, Zacua Ventures, as well as companies from the cement, construction, and real estate industries.

What does Hedvig Axberg, Supply Chain and Project Lead, have to say about working at Cemvision?
"Cemvision is at the forefront of technological development and innovation. Being part of an organization that strives to be a leader in our field while also contributing to a better world was incredibly appealing to me when I chose to start working here.
Another factor that attracted me was the strong team. The employees have impressive experience and knowledge in their respective areas. Working together with such talented individuals was seen as a unique opportunity. Additionally, it was the diversity within the team that really made a difference.
To thrive as a project leader at Cemvision, it's important to have an innovative mindset, be able to think outside the box, and find new solutions. Being able to analyze and solve problems efficiently is crucial for driving innovation and progress."

About the role
As a Cement Project Lead, you will be a vital part of our demo- and full-scale trials, contributing to the design, implementation, and analysis of mechanical systems within our full-scale cement plant by retrofit as well as new green field projects. Your expertise will be instrumental in ensuring the success of our innovative green cement production processes.

Key responsibilities

  • Trial and Equipment Design: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and manufacture equipment and plan full-scale trials, ensuring mechanical systems align with project objectives.
  • Implementation: Oversee the installation and configuration of mechanical equipment, ensuring smooth operation during trials and troubleshooting any issues that arise.
  • Data Analysis: Collect and analyze data from trials, identify patterns and trends, and provide valuable process optimization insights.
  • Documentation: Prepare detailed reports and documentation outlining trial methodologies, results, and recommendations for future improvements.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with engineers, technicians, and other stakeholders to ensure seamless coordination during trials, engineering, and design for scaling up the technology.

You will report directly to our CTO, and you will work from our office in Stockholm. The role will involve extensive travel within Europe several times a month.

What does Claes Kollberg, co-founder, and CTO, say about Cemvision?
"In the company, we all have a strong drive for sustainability, to develop solutions and materials for the future of construction.
No day is like any other at Cemvision, and every day I learn a lot from my colleagues and the constant challenges we face. Openness, curiosity, and joy in our work for one of civilization's greatest challenges, I share with the Cemvision team. We are goal-oriented, systematic, work broadly, and complement each other. The knowledge we lack but need, we acquire quickly."

Your profile
We believe you are proactive, self-driven, and enjoying both individual and teamwork is essential, along with a solution-oriented approach.

We also think you have the following:

  • Passion for sustainability and green technologies.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment, which includes being flexible and adaptable to change.
  • A Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field.
  • Proven experience in mechanical or project engineering within the cement industry.
  • Strong knowledge of mechanical systems, including design, installation, and troubleshooting.
  • Analytical mindset with excellent problem-solving skills.
  • You can speak and write English fluently, it is meritorious if you also know Swedish.

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